Welcome to Vac Plastics Inc.

leading producers of plastic molded parts for
the automotive, industrial, electronic and food industries


Vac Plastics Inc. has been supplying the automotive industry since 2000 and partnered with great brands such as Hyundai, Kia,Mazda and Nissan. Vac Plastics Inc. offers custom plastic forming with capabilities in vacuum forming and injection molding, trailer hitches and electrical harnesses, and custom stainless steel tubing, such as running boards and side steps.

VACUUM FORMING is a process that begins with a thermoplastic sheet, in a variety of textures, thickness and colors. The sheet is heated until the plastic becomes malleable and is then drawn over or into the mold. After it is cooled, the formed piece is then removed and trimmed.

INJECTION MOLDING is a process that requires plastic pellets to be melted in a barrel and then forced into the mold cavity. The materiel is cooled in the mold until it can be ejected. Some of the plastics that are used are PET, PVC, PP, PE, ABS and more. The plastics can also have different properties, weather able, non-weather able, high gloss, low gloss and more.

Value Paints is a division of Vac Plastics Inc. We have been providing custom auto parts painting at our shop in Milton since 2000.We can do any type of painting for automotive and more. We have the ability to work on small or large projects.

King Fish is a division of Vac Plastics Inc. At King Fish we offer our customers a variety of high quality products including waterproof fishing suits and accessories. We are excited to be involved with the fishing industry in Atlantic Canada and we continue to explore opportunities to help the industry improve. Our involvement with the fishing industry has been growing every year and our commitment to continuous improvement drives our operations. We invest heavily in research and development with a team based in Atlantic Canada.